Margarette for short. I'm 19 and still kicking. I plurk, i tweet, i blog, and i do tumblr too :)
I'm a good girl with a lot of bad habits. I'm so obsessed with my hair. I could easily get lost of thoughts. I spend a lot of time on my appearance. Have a deep desire to make, create, go and get! I love compliments. I'm not good at deceit or pretense. I may say a stupid stuff and takes it back. I pray to God and cry my tears.
"Hold on. Pictures do not define who I really am. Find me nice in the photos? think again. I am not as admirable and irresistible in person. I have more stories to tell than pictures to show. Humbling aside, I am not the drop-dead, glance catcher or looker type. I prefer to be but ordinary with her own difference to impress and please other people."